Securing the financial sector with secure, compliant and stable IT operations and infrastructure

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Take a look at our Company Film, where you can get an insight into who we are and how important a role JN Data plays in the financial sector in Denmark.

JN Data is systemically important to the financial sector
The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority


% of the Danish banking market is serviced by us


% of the Danish mortgage banking market is serviced by us


Financial institutions run on our infrastructure


Employees in the financial sector use systems operated by us


One of the largest mainframe installations in the Nordic countries.


Midrange-servers and Intel-servers with Windows and Linux operate in our data centre.

Storage and virtualization

We are working with modern storage technologies and virtualization of data, servers, and workstations.


The customers' data is placed in databases run by DB2, ORACLE or SQL-servers.

JN Data provides secure, compliant and stable IT operations and infrastructure to the financial sector. In collaboration with our customers, our solutions reaches more than 40,000 employees at 200 banks and mortgage providers in Denmark and the Nordic countries. Our solutions also mean that bank and mortgage provider customers can transfer money via online banking, use their debit card, receive their salary or use MobilePay and Apple Pay.

As our operation directly or indirectly affects many different services for staff and consumers, it is vital that our data centre is a well-oiled machine where capacity, response times, availability and security are top-notch.

Our dedicated staff are the key to continuing to maintain and build future IT solutions for a rapidly evolving financial sector. In Denmark, we have offices in Silkeborg and Roskilde, and together with our consultants in Poland, we are around 850 IT professionals.

JN Data is owned by Jyske Bank, Nykredit, Bankdata, SDC and BEC Financial Technologies, who together with EG Silkeborg Data, make up our six customers.